This website and the programs outlined focus on the sole objective of improving the livelihoods of low-income communities in Ghana, West Africa. The aim is to engage university graduates from across Ghana in all regions in projects in small communities that align with the census enumeration zones of up to 150 households. These projects contribute to the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of these communities.

The purpose is to enable graduate entrepreneurs who have sound project ideas to gain access to funding from sources globally. Initially, project funding will cover costs of business registration, plant and equipment, supplies, materials and general overheads. In conjunction with the funding, a mentoring and collaborative support group will be established to enable the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Each funded project will be provided with a professional website template which can be customized to suit the business profile. This scheme targets everyone in Ghana that has an interest in resolving the chronic unemployment issue in the country for the benefit of low-income communities. Undergraduates, graduates, business leaders, universities and government agencies can get involved to support this initiative. We will use social media and other media to reach out to all expatriate Ghanaians wherever they are in the world, to fellow students globally, to family and friends, and to sponsors and financial contributors. This is a collective effort to provide hope and opportunity for all Ghana graduates and the communties they serve. If you are a Ghanaian citizen and a university graduate and are interested in particpating in this endeavour you are invited to register by clicking on the button below and completing the short questionnare.

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