Crowdfunding to empower Ghanaian university graduates in employment and business.

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Crowd Funding for Ghanaian University Graduates

This crowd funding website is specifically for the benefit of unemployed Ghanaian university graduates.

This exciting concept enables graduate entrepreneurs with sound project ideas to gain access to funding from sources globally.

Initially, project funding will range between USD1,000 and USD10,000 as startup funds to cover costs of business registration, plant and equipment, supplies, materials and general overheads.

The funding is sought from the global community by way of donations without any obligation to repay the funds or to offer anyone a share in the business.

In conjunction with the funding, a mentoring support group will be established to enable the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Each funded project will be provided with a professional website template which can be customized to suit the business profile.

This scheme targets everyone in Ghana that has an interest in resolving the chronic unemployment issue in the country. Undergraduates, graduates, business leaders, universities and government agencies can get involved to support this initiative.

This crowd funding website will also reach out to all expatriate Ghanaians wherever they are in the world, to fellow students globally, to family and friends, and to sponsors and financial contributors. We will use social media and other media to reach out to people everywhere.

Visit our blog to get regular updates on the status of the release of the crowd funding website, project funding guidelines, the engagement of key stakeholders, and reports on news and events.

This is a collective effort to provide hope and opportunity for all Ghana graduates.

If you are interested in submitting a project proposal, or are a potential contributor, or sponsor please complete the Registration form.

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